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Accounting and Procurement Workflow

CMS Accounting is a best of breed accounting solution designed specifically for use within the aircraft leasing marketplace.

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CMS Accounting provides the following benefits to companies operating in the aircraft leasing sector:

  • It offers a unified ledger that combines the functions of a general ledger, sales ledger, purchase ledger, budget management and forecasting, commitment accounting, cashbook and integration into Microsoft Office.
  • The system is multi currency and multi company. Any number of currencies and companies can be maintained on the system.
  • The Financials module is integrated into both CMS Procurement and the CMS Leasing modules.
  • Financials can be integrated into other group systems such as ERP solutions or consolidation applications.
  • The System comes with a preconfigured chart of accounts and analysis dimensions designed to work within the aircraft leasing environment.
  • The cost of ownership is low as the entire solution is hosted by AerData.
  • Data can be analysed across dimensions. Standard data is analysed by account code, legal entity, intercompany code, aircraft, lease, department, project, tax identifier, cash flow analysis, lessee and component ID.

CMS Procurement Workflow enables employees to manage their own purchasing requirements within the rules and policies of an organization.

Modules are available to manage project budgets, purchase orders and supplier invoices and, together, these provide a comprehensive web-based spend control and management solution

MS Procurement Workflow benefits:

  • The workflow for each module can be customized to an organization’s specific requirements.

  • Budgets can be formally approved and locked.

  • Budgeted, committed and actual costs can be monitored in real-time at aircraft, project and activity level.

  • Users can review costs at a summary level and drill through to an individual purchase order or invoice for more information.

  • Purchase orders amended after being issued will be queued for re-approval if the amendments are material.

  • Costs can be aircraft related or non-aircraft related overheads.

  • Invoice costs can be matched to a purchase order and/or entered as a stand-alone cost.

  • Analysis for multiple aircraft can be entered on a single purchase order or invoice.

  • A scanned image of the supplier invoice can be attached to the electronic invoice.





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